Quite an unusual car made it into Jay Leno’s Garage lately: a thoroughly customized second-gen Volkswagen Transporter swapped to a powerful 3.5-liter V8. Care to learn its secrets?
This fourth-gen Mustang SVT Cobra endowed with Roush Performance power left the lines back in 2003, has 13,000 km (8,000 miles) on the odo and goes for $40,335.
Netherlands-based automaker PAL-V has obtained the necessary certificates to make its flying car, the Liberty, legal to drive on public streets throughout the European Union. The company emerged in 2001 and launched its first vehicle in the air eight years ago.
The three-door Cooper SE hatchback (depicted here) may be the only Mini-branded EV out there right now, but sources are reporting that a handful of models are coming soon.
Tim Herrick, one of the top managers of General Motors, has let it slip that a Heavy Duty version of the new Chevy Suburban may be underway to the market.
The owner of this 6th-gen ‘Vette compared the power of his tuned ride (850 HP) against the output of a stock McLaren 720S (710 hp) and concluded he’d have no difficulty racing it to the end of a quarter-mile strip. If only! Having blown the first attempt, he resorted to the only proven medicine: even more tuning.
General Motors holds high hopes for the eighth-gen Chevrolet Corvette, trying to ensure it sells as briskly as possible. In turn, tuners throughout the world are facing the need to stock up on accessories and options for the crowd favorite. BBS Wheels, for one, came up with a new wheel set for the C8 ‘Vette coupe and convertible.