The Ford Ranger pickup truck is now available with the optional FX2 Package. Curiously enough, the kit is only compatible with the RWD variant of the truck and not the AWD one.
Based on the same platform as the CX-5, the Mazda CX-4 coupe/SUV has been in production since 2016. Based on these recent patent bureau photos, the model will be getting a facelift soon.
Ami Daniela Dansby, better known as Amie DD, from Texas, has implanted a Tesla Model 3 chip into her arm so that she could unlock her EV without the key fob.
A group of chemists from Ohio, USA, discovered that food waste could potentially be useful in the car manufacturing process. For instance, ground eggshells and tomato peels are durable enough to warrant their use in producing engine mount brackets, suspension bushings, hoses and tires.
The fad for stanced crossovers and SUVs just isn’t going anywhere, it seems. One would think buying a full-fledged sports car would do the trick just as well – if not better – but no, some of us just have to get an SUV and then strip it of its one defining feature, which is the off-road performance.
Introducing their new 8th-gen Corvette, Chevrolet did hint that it would not be too pricey - but this actually seems like an understatement now that the pricing has been revealed.
A year after revealing the facelifted Honda Civic sedan/saloon and coupe, the Japanese manufacturer finally followed suit with the hatchback model, giving it pretty much the same treatment.